Environmental Education and Literary Reading: A strategic pedagogical approach to the teaching-learning process


Nathalia Maria de Sousa Feitosa
João Paulo de Sousa Ferreira


Right to be observed in the educational process and especially in basic education, Environmental Education is a transversal theme to the school curriculum that requires specific teaching methodologies. Based on this assumption, the present study aimed to investigate the use of literary reading mediation in the pedagogical making to the teaching of Environmental Education in the classroom, even because literature is also a basic right and a formative and informative tool. This is a bibliographic research of qualitative approach and exploratory purpose, which made use of narrative review through the technique of Thematic Analysis of Braun and Clarke (2006). As a result, it was verified that, besides constituting recognized basic rights, Environmental Education and Literature can intersect for the instrumentalization of a cohesive teaching-learning process aimed at human, social, political and emancipatory formation, which meets the principles and objectives legally provided for such a transversal field of education.  


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Nathalia Maria de Sousa Feitosa


João Paulo de Sousa Ferreira