Analysis of the current overview of solid waste management in the municipality of Sousa-PB


Jéssica Ruana Lima Mendes


Objective this article is to analyze the current scenario of solid waste management in the municipality of Sousa-PB. Such an approach proves to be of paramount importance given the need to adapt to environmental standards and deadlines, for the correct disposal of solid waste generated, therefore, a study of this nature is necessary in order to understand the reality of the locality and rethink solutions to that problem. The research will be used as an approach method, the inductive method, starting from particular data, sufficiently verified, a general or universal truth is inferred. Regarding the research technique, bibliographic and documentary research will be used, through the main legislation and documents, as well as bibliographic research on doctrines and scientific articles on the subject, and also, a field study is carried out, in the sanitary landfill. UTR SOUSA/PB. And it starts with the following problem: What is the panorama of solid waste management in the municipality of Sousa-PB? Thus, although the analyzed Municipality directs the generated MSW to the UTR SOUSA sanitary landfill, the operationalization in practice presents latent deficiencies that make it impossible to effectively comply with the PNRS, and the new basic sanitation framework. What can be concluded that the theme cannot be kept in the background, or only when the money is left over by the federated entities, given that the garbage problem is relevant, which above all requires cooperation from all those involved, from the Public Power to the citizen, from the public to the private sector.


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Jéssica Ruana Lima Mendes