Scenario of violence against women during the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil


Jéssica Ruana Lima Mendes


The main objective of this article is to analyze the panorama of violence against women during the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. social isolation in which victims are even more vulnerable, exposed all day to the aggressor, which reflects the predominance of machismo and gender violence, and the growing intolerance and hostility against women inside and outside their homes, being necessary, therefore, a study of this nature in order to understand and rethink solutions to that problem. In the present study, the deductive method will be used, and the historical-evolutionary method will be used as a procedure. The research technique to be adopted is the bibliography, through doctrinal consultations, scientific articles on the subject, as well as documentary, through the analysis of the main legal provisions in the country, and data from the study carried out by the Brazilian Public Security Forum. With this, it was observed that during the covid-19 pandemic, due to social isolation measures, the vulnerability of women victims of domestic violence was latent, given that they were subject to greater and constant contact with their aggressors, perpetuating the cycle of violence, and making requests for help and complaints to public bodies difficult. It is concluded that the reality goes beyond the data collected in the various surveys carried out across the country, the situation is even more alarming, of a still sexist, misogynist and unequal culture, which mutilates the human rights of this public.


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Jéssica Ruana Lima Mendes